Your Baby Boomer Boss

This monograph contrasts the Builder, Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial generations in the health care work place. It highlights historical changes in women's health and work that underpin the values of those generations. This piece gives Millennials insight into their older co-workers.


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Established in 2016, the mission of Advantage Learning is to use technology to make clinically relevant knowledge easily and rapidly accessible at affordable prices. 

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Our Specialty is Midwifery

Although midwifery education and practice have common content with many other health care professions, some materials are specific to midwifery. Traditional publishers are hesitant to print materials that have small sales markets such as a comparatively small like midwifery. Online printing and posting allows us to release materials to small audiences cost-effectively.

Health care changes rapidly. Online printing and publications allows us to update materials regularly and at short intervals if needed.


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